Ukulele and ramen. To Ori-san is a secret story.

Only I was running the current?
I thought it was mutual, so it was a bit shocking Otto.

Today, I’d like to talk to Ori-san what I bought for a secret.

I bought an ukulele!

ukulele guiter play amazon Beginner

Pororon porororon is playing.

I bought a set for beginners, so the goal is to be able to play chords first!

And the next secret story.
Despite being on a diet, I ate ramen and fried rice …

ramen yakimeshi japanese food

Yes. Shelf me also 😀

This will get angry. Eh ~ I will be absolutely angry …

It seems that the cold does not go away as Ori-san said, but I have not met for a while,
I’m going to stay for a long time tomorrow so I want it to be getting better.

Is it Morning sickness? My drowsiness is amazing during my day.
(My appetite is also amazing .. I get angry.

see you!



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