Honeymoon Shima&Toba edition

Good evening. It is Ori-san.
Today, I will talk about the continuation of our honeymoon.

From the second day it’s time to travel to Ise · Shima.
To early morning express train to Shima · Ugata station, the first day is borrowing rent-a-car to drive Shima – Toba!

First we headed out, “Yokoyama Observatory” that overlooks the Ago-Bay.
Unexpectedly climb from morning!
However, the scenery, what the hell!

There was such a magnificent view of Ago Bay! It is! Shortness of breath will also blow away.

Next, to “Ishigami-san” to Shinmei Shrine.
This means that one woman’s wish will be granted, of course I was hoping for Cotri-san’s safe birth. Otto-san, 1 billion yen! Although it wrote as · · · 😀

While heading north on Pearl Road, we went to another scenic spot “Toba Observation Deck”.
The weather is really good this day, the sun is bright, the sea and the sky are beautiful.

And Otto-san who continues to tell me hungry from the morning, is a long-awaited lunch.
We had seafood bean-grill and gorgeous seafood rice bowl.
However, there are many people, many cars, no seafood bowls ….
Let’s be good as we could take a nap for a while as I waited for a bowl (lol)
Shrimp was trying to escape from the bowl, jumping and jumping.

To the last mission today, to “Futami Okitama Shrine”.
I wanted to visit this place on a honeymoon here that there is a benefit of husband and wife.
I wish for the happiness of our married life starting from now.

Meoto Iwa & Amulet

And it finally arrived at Ise-shi.
We had time to have dinner at the inn, so we ate “Ise Udon” specialty of Ise.
Taste is dark! It seems that it was a formidable opponent for Otto-san who is not good at soft noodles.
Well, once you eat it.

Tonight’s inn is near the Ise Naigu “Ikyu”
Both the rooms, meals and hot springs were great accommodation.
Well, tomorrow is early ! The next day the situation of the 3rd day of Ise worship visit!

Oh yeah, Osaka journey Last red ginger udon noodles, on the spot Otto-san did not say delicious, He did not share it. “Ikezu~”:D