Self Introduction Otto-san

To begin with, first of all from self-introduction.

I (Otto) am 36 years old living in Fukuoka prefecture in Japan.
I joined my wife (Ori-San) in September 2016.

And baby (Cotori) is in the stomach of Ori-San.

Four months as of today.

I was surprised for a moment because I knew I could have a child soon after entrance,
How is that?
There is not real feeling so much, without saying that sense of responsibility is becoming special strong.
Myself live a normal life.

Since our relationship may be somewhat strange, it is better to explain before.

We and our husband and wife are living together before joining.
However, it is a so-called weekend marriage.

And even now it does not change.

I am going to stay at my house where my wife lives during the weekend and I am living alone on weekdays.

Why, like this situation, there are a lot of different things and I hope to tell you more in detail.

Originally we both had a marriage at the drinking place saying that weekend marriage is ideal, we have a history of getting involved,
Every time children can do it seems that this situation is francely and naturally taken.
(I do not understand Ori-San real intention :D)

Before Cotori was born it is working to live together properly,
Until then, I think that this life will not change.

Thankfully, Ori-San’s morning seems not to be bad as much as I thought, so I really appreciate it.
I do not know what will happen in the future …

In this blog, until our lives and Cotori are born,
Then since I began to live together, I wish I could write the living life of Cotori and the life of three people,
When Cotori came to be able to read letters, look at this blog,
I think that we can tell how our couple thought and how I felt at that time.

Here, I will write with my co-writing with Ori-san,
I hope you can enjoy the different views of the two.

Look forward to the future!



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