Pregnant women’s abstinence and caffeiness

Good evening

It is Otto.

Today, I’d like to talk about Ori’s change after pregnancy.

Ori-san like alcohol.
Ori-san did not drink until knew about pregnancy.
It is natural, but I think that it is hard to do from Ori-san.
Anyway, Ori-san still work, there will be a drinking party at work,
Above all, Ori-san went to dinner with me, it is tough to not drink Ori-san …

So, I will not drink alcohol with me eating with Ori-san!
I guess I’d drink about a cup of beer, but I guess it would be wise not to drink as it will not stop there.

If two people can eat delicious dishes without drinking, I wonder if I am happy.

Caffeine is also a problem.

Ori-san, loves coffee.
I am, too.
In Japan, there are still few stores offering such as decafé (caffeinres coffee)
There are also things that are sold at stores.
So, recently, is it drinking mainly at Starbuck’s Decafa,Ruibos Tea at home.
(It is when you are together.)
If you look for it on the net, there are various things,
Caffeinres There is a thing that makes tea (I bought it!),
Various goods came out according to the flow of the times, I am glad.

However, even if you try to drink coffee or tea outside yet, there are few places offering caffeiness,
I do not even have Komeda coffee in Japananese famaous coffee shop, which should have many families.

Since Ori got pregnant, I began to think a lot of such things.
I hear that we have decafé anywhere overseas,
I wonder if Japan still has plenty. (Actually, I do not know because I have never been abroad)

Even so, I really feel pregnant women are serious.

I wish I could quit drinking, and I guess it would be better not to have coffee or green tea,
As expected, is not it stressful?
Well, I would like to drink coffee, green tea and black tea, right?

So, I also live a caffeiness life with Ori-san.
If you look for coffee and tea, there are lots of things you can do, you can drink delicious drinks without going to the shop!

I think it is necessary for more company efforts.
I would like to go to that shop and provide more satisfactory products.

Have you ever tried decafé?
It is tasty as ordinary coffee.
Please try something, please drink once.

I hope that there will be more places with caffeiness.

※It seems that Ori-san stomach came out suddenly. The situation is next time again!



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