Pregnant women’s abstinence and caffeiness

Good evening

It is Otto.

Today, I’d like to talk about Ori’s change after pregnancy.

Ori-san like alcohol.
Ori-san did not drink until knew about pregnancy.
It is natural, but I think that it is hard to do from Ori-san.
Anyway, Ori-san still work, there will be a drinking party at work,
Above all, Ori-san went to dinner with me, it is tough to not drink Ori-san …

So, I will not drink alcohol with me eating with Ori-san!
I guess I’d drink about a cup of beer, but I guess it would be wise not to drink as it will not stop there.

If two people can eat delicious dishes without drinking, I wonder if I am happy.

Caffeine is also a problem.

Ori-san, loves coffee.
I am, too.
In Japan, there are still few stores offering such as decafé (caffeinres coffee)
There are also things that are sold at stores.
So, recently, is it drinking mainly at Starbuck’s Decafa,Ruibos Tea at home.
(It is when you are together.)
If you look for it on the net, there are various things,
Caffeinres There is a thing that makes tea (I bought it!),
Various goods came out according to the flow of the times, I am glad.

However, even if you try to drink coffee or tea outside yet, there are few places offering caffeiness,
I do not even have Komeda coffee in Japananese famaous coffee shop, which should have many families.

Since Ori got pregnant, I began to think a lot of such things.
I hear that we have decafé anywhere overseas,
I wonder if Japan still has plenty. (Actually, I do not know because I have never been abroad)

Even so, I really feel pregnant women are serious.

I wish I could quit drinking, and I guess it would be better not to have coffee or green tea,
As expected, is not it stressful?
Well, I would like to drink coffee, green tea and black tea, right?

So, I also live a caffeiness life with Ori-san.
If you look for coffee and tea, there are lots of things you can do, you can drink delicious drinks without going to the shop!

I think it is necessary for more company efforts.
I would like to go to that shop and provide more satisfactory products.

Have you ever tried decafé?
It is tasty as ordinary coffee.
Please try something, please drink once.

I hope that there will be more places with caffeiness.

※It seems that Ori-san stomach came out suddenly. The situation is next time again!


Lose weight? Vegetable food “Ori-meshi”

Hello. I’m Ori-san.
I am pleased that Otto-san liked my dish.

I received a baton touch from Otto-san, about lunch for the other day.
Utsuwa, It is a beautiful picture of vessels. I will also show you around here, but today is Ori Food!
Make vegetables anyway for Otto-san who grew big! Is the theme.

I just wanted to use the “Umepon – vinegar” of the top thing,  and I cooked “Yu-dofu”.
In kelp soup, you will find tofu, turnips, and Mitsuba.

In the middle is “Ohitashi” request every time from Otto-san.
Today I was making an ohitashi of edible chrysanthemum “syungiku”, but when I look at the whole thing, there is no animal protein!
I added a mackerel in a hurry 😀

And the big hit this time is Pickles from Chinese cabbags “Hakusai”  mixed the peppers “Sansho”!
Recipe taught at pickles shop when I went to Kyoto the other day.
It seems that it was able to reproduce well, and Otto-san “Paku-Paku” eaten .

Oh, the example coconut oil glutinous wheat rice was surprisingly delicious.

Otto-san always delighted with such a simple meal, so I am very easy and  happy.
And because it praises me to delicious tasty good, it is a great Otto-chan.



Ori handmade healthy diet

Good evening

It is Otto.

It is happy mood and full of satisfaction feeling full of Otto meeting with Oris-san on weekends.

When I think about it, I still feel strange because my life has not changed even before I join.
However, it seems that the finger has a foreign body feeling (it is because the ring is fitted). Is it the only part that changed?

Well, today is my favorite food. It is Ori’s Home cooking!
Let’s show it first


Recently talked about a Japanese actress, Fumino Kimura is posted in Instagram, It looks like Fumi Food!
Originally Ori-san, I made such a meal and I also love vessels. I will name you Ori Food!

Fumi Food from here

Ori-san will do the detailed explanation of each. (Ori-san please)

This is also exactly good for me, it is delicious and the rice does not stop.
Even if that rice cooked dish, Ori-san is making me as a fat carbohydrate now,
This is the glutinous wheat coconut oil rice which I introduced before!

I have not realized that effect yet. I mean, eating ramen or eating out,
I have not been able to eat that meal for a week, so I do not really know …

Just it is really delicious, so the feeling of eating each meal of Ori’s meal more than eating out is increasing day by day.

Oh ~ I want to live with Ori-san soon.

When I started living together with Ori-san, I also learned cooking and I will do my best to post it here!

※ Older says a bit of stomach certainly the other day. It was a mysterious feeling that there was a life there, Otto.

See you!


Otto-san’s remodeling plan Part 1 Coconut oil and Glutinous wheat rice

Good evening. I’m Ori-san

Otto-san has imitated the morning sickness · · ·, Ramen & Fried rice !! Moreover, second serving!!!
Ori-san is gentle so it was not get angry,I decided to tackle Otto-san’s remodeling plan.

Otto-san was put on 10kg when I first met. (it is a kind of con man · · · :D)
There’s no way of happiness and fatness!
Because we are living separately, I have not let my daily food.

In this case how to make usual rice healthy? Is it?
(Otto-san likes diet information, and he always introduces the idea from somewhere.)

Mix the “glutinous wheat rice” in the white rice, and add “coconut oil” and cook it.
Cool the rice once and eats it.
Is this delicious? It is already an experimental area.


1.Wash 2 cups of rice as usual

2.Put 1 cup of glutinous wheat rice
3. 600 ml of water
4.Add coconut oil (2 spoons per 1 cup of rice)
6.Chill in the refrigerator for 12 hours
7.Heat with a microwave, and Eat!


I cooked it.
I will try eating tomorrow.

Can this rice make him lose weight? Stay  tuned .


Ukulele and ramen. To Ori-san is a secret story.

Only I was running the current?
I thought it was mutual, so it was a bit shocking Otto.

Today, I’d like to talk to Ori-san what I bought for a secret.

I bought an ukulele!

ukulele guiter play amazon Beginner

Pororon porororon is playing.

I bought a set for beginners, so the goal is to be able to play chords first!

And the next secret story.
Despite being on a diet, I ate ramen and fried rice …

ramen yakimeshi japanese food

Yes. Shelf me also 😀

This will get angry. Eh ~ I will be absolutely angry …

It seems that the cold does not go away as Ori-san said, but I have not met for a while,
I’m going to stay for a long time tomorrow so I want it to be getting better.

Is it Morning sickness? My drowsiness is amazing during my day.
(My appetite is also amazing .. I get angry.

see you!


About me: Ori-san

Hello. I’m Ori-san (wife).

Otto-san (husband) clicked with me on our first date. So we got married.
I thought I was ready to get pregnant after the marriage and stopped using contraception.
Then Cotori (our unborn baby) clicked with me.

Both of us are over 35 years old. Cotori is our treasure like a miracle.

Ori-san is living in a busy town, and in the middle pregnant.
(Otto-san is living in a countryside.)

I expected heavy morning sickness because Otto-san and I read a book called “You are a baby” over and over again. “You are a baby” was written by Mieko Kawakami and Otto-san recommended me.
Luckily my symptom during early pregnancy was only “I’m too sleepy!!” I didn’t have anything else. When I was thinking “pregnancy is only like this—“

I caught a cold. I know it’s a cold, just a cold!
During pregnancy I can’t take any medicine. I didn’t imagine this having “just a cold” is such a hardship….
(I couldn’t stand it anymore. So I went to see an obstetrician and gynaecologist but I was given only cough syrup. You know it is like a child’s medicine. I have a bad sore throat!! )
I heard immunity declines during pregnancy. I understand that’s true.
It’s already 18 days since the symptom of the cold started. It seems to be still long way till I get well perfectly· · ·

Anyway, the high temperature phase has ended in these 2-3-days. My body temperature has come down so obviously.
My berry seems to be getting bigger so quickly, too!
I haven’t seen Otto-san for a while. I wondered if he will be surprised to see my belly.
So, I’m gonna see Otto-san for the first day in 3 weeks. I’m so much excited.

See you soon.

“You are a baby (Author: Mieko Kawakami)” (Bungeishunjū)
I recommend this book. Guys, I would like you to read this book. I mean husbands, boyfriends and male partners.

Self Introduction Otto-san

To begin with, first of all from self-introduction.

I (Otto) am 36 years old living in Fukuoka prefecture in Japan.
I joined my wife (Ori-San) in September 2016.

And baby (Cotori) is in the stomach of Ori-San.

Four months as of today.

I was surprised for a moment because I knew I could have a child soon after entrance,
How is that?
There is not real feeling so much, without saying that sense of responsibility is becoming special strong.
Myself live a normal life.

Since our relationship may be somewhat strange, it is better to explain before.

We and our husband and wife are living together before joining.
However, it is a so-called weekend marriage.

And even now it does not change.

I am going to stay at my house where my wife lives during the weekend and I am living alone on weekdays.

Why, like this situation, there are a lot of different things and I hope to tell you more in detail.

Originally we both had a marriage at the drinking place saying that weekend marriage is ideal, we have a history of getting involved,
Every time children can do it seems that this situation is francely and naturally taken.
(I do not understand Ori-San real intention :D)

Before Cotori was born it is working to live together properly,
Until then, I think that this life will not change.

Thankfully, Ori-San’s morning seems not to be bad as much as I thought, so I really appreciate it.
I do not know what will happen in the future …

In this blog, until our lives and Cotori are born,
Then since I began to live together, I wish I could write the living life of Cotori and the life of three people,
When Cotori came to be able to read letters, look at this blog,
I think that we can tell how our couple thought and how I felt at that time.

Here, I will write with my co-writing with Ori-san,
I hope you can enjoy the different views of the two.

Look forward to the future!