Ori Food Recipe vol.Taro

Good evening. It is Ori-san.
On weekends I spent leisurely with Otto-san, It flew by in a flash
“Cottori’s Story” I have been absent.

I will explain the previous lunch.

Otto-san’s father & mother a hobby with a family garden (Pretty serious)
I always get fresh vegetables.

So this time Otto-san delivered this.
“Taro is it ~” is huge, huge! It is!
Let’s use it immediately for the next day’s lunch.

Well, where I dropped the soil thought that I would cook and cook it together with squid.
Beautiful purple · · ·. Here, sweet potatoes! It is!
Now looking at the pictures again, it’s sweet potatoes anyway 😀
In addition, Otto-san does not like sweet potato · · · ·, Hurried strategy change.

What I had to manage this squid, was born,
It was “Kouya tofu and squid stir fry”.
1 Kouya tofu and squid returned to the potato flour and curry powder were lightly dashed and fried.
I thought that if it became a deep-fried breeze, it was, not delicious!!
This is a great mistake work, a savior from the situation, rumor soup stocks appeared!
2 If you skipped watering quickly, it surprised me, it was really tasty!
Otto-san who does not know the circumstances also praised greatly. Miracle recovery, Ori-san is a genius:D

Subsequently, “Simmered radish and cherry blossoms”.
1 Boiled radish and cherry shrimp with soup stock and oyster sauce.
2 Completion the radish and it became a beautiful cherry blossom color.


“Dipping of celery”
1 Take celery streak and make it like a stick.
2 Soaked in white sauce and olive oil, black pepper.
It was soaked or like a salad and it was delicious.

“Bean sprouts and eucalyptus sold” (✖ eucalyptus)
1 Shake alcohol to sprouts, into microwave.
2 Finish with sprinkl “Yukari” and sesame oil.
It’s not eucalyptus, it’s Yukari. Eucalyptus is a leaf that Koala is eating:D

“Red ginger entering!? Miso soup”
By the way, the last challenge – red ginger.
I tried putting in 2 pieces in miso soup, it is delicious.
It was a new usage discovery. Otto-san was also pleased for this.

Oh yes, Hiromi Uehara’s live The Trio Project “SPARK” It was awesome!
Jazz pianist Uehara, long before we meet,
It was said that they were watching live at different places,
It is an artist who has some strange relationship (feeling fate arbitrarily).
After I got up tension, Otto-san bought a live DVD for Christmas gift!
Cotri-san is also raised with Hiromi (lol)

Finally this week is Christmas! Have a nice weekend.


Kouya Tofu and Squid Stir-fried Miso soup with Red ginger and Others


It is Otto.

This time,
· Red ginger !? Miso soup
· Simmered radish and cherry blossoms
· Pickled bamboo shoots and red ginger
· Kouya tofu and stir-fry sauce
· Boiled celery
· Bean sprouts and Yukari dressed with souce
· Glutinous wheat coconut oil rice

Kouya Tofu and stir-fry are oddly delicious,
Although it is saying also in moive,
Ori-san, I guess it is a dish that can not be made if I am told to make it once more 🙂
But food is such a real pleasure.

Everything was delicious,
As a new discovery,
It is delicious to put red ginger in miso soup.=O

Even with red ginger,
I do not know if it can be delicious with all the red ginger,
In red ginger used this time, it felt very tasty.
(Anyway, I will introduce that red ginger, I personally like it very much and I eat it everyday.)

It is already a weekend,
Tomorrow, I can spend the day with Ori-san so it’s a translation I’m drinking alone with tension rising

Yesterday, with Ori-san went to see concert of Uehara Hiromi,
We are going up tension each other.

Tomorrow, while watching Hiromi Uehara’s DVD,
It is a schedule of hot pot, so it was a good Otto-san ate from now.

Let ‘s enjoy the weekend!


Ori Food Recipe??

Good evening. It is Ori.
A movie that only two people eat rice silently.
Is there someone who can enjoy it?
It is something fun to watch for themselves! It is!

I am committed to introduce the recipe.

Because this is home cooking, I am making it momentum every time, it is not embarrassing to introduce, but it is embarrassing.
Incidentally, Otto-san is naming it, so let’s obey it faithfully (lol)

Boiled pork and green peppers with radish
1  Pork sliced meat with dusted potato starch and Boil.
It is a point to make the shabu-shabu after softening the boiled hot water once it is soft.
2 Fried green peppers.
Stir-fried green peppers that I ate at a Chinese restaurant the other day was delicious, so I roughly tried to imitate how to cut it.
3 Sautéed meat and green peppers and boiled with a large amount of white radish. Completion.

lotus root and tuna microwave (nice ~)
1 Lotus root, tuna, wipers and sesame oil into the Lekue!
2 Finish with pepper and white sesame seeds.

Stir-fry of spinach and crepe
1 Crispy “Chirimen-jyako” with sesame oil.
2 Add boiled spinach quickly, lightly pour out the “Dashi”, and finish with.
The taste was hardly attached, but the spinach at this season is delicious!

Bamboo shoot pickles
1 Boiling the bamboo shoots, slicing the red peppers and cutting the bonito in the soup stock.
※ In the movie “Hot Poo!” we said that because of too much chili pepper,
Actually …. It was because I was immersed straight in without noticing that soup stock was enriched 10 to 15 times!
I’m sorry, otto-san.

This is what I am indebted to carefully recently!
It will be delicious with everything in this one, which is greatly appreciated.

So, the seasoning is also an estimate so it has not become a recipe at all,
From now on I will make delicious food for Otto-san!
Can we teach Otto-san to cook this way?

The huge red ginger Otto-san bought, sour anyway, Ori-san is unable to eat!
It was a brilliant transformation with the lunch of the next day! That neighborhood is next time.

Well, Ori-san has entered the 16th week of pregnancy.
I have kept patience from pregnancy, I decided to start yoga at last.
(Before pregnancy, I got sweaty with hot yoga almost every day on my way back from work)
I went to private lessons of maternity yoga!

Originally my body is stiff, I was surprised by the decline in just 4 months! It is!
It is tough for a teacher that “hip joints are a problem”! I guess it is supposed to be thought.
I will try my best at home, yoga with bathing rising.


Boiled pork and green peppers, stir-fried spinach, etc. Ori food

Good evening.

It is Otto-san.

I came back from my honeymoon trip, and I am sending busy days so busily entering work.

Honeymoon travel has long travel time,
Including that, it was fun!
Going on a trip with Ori-san and this way,
Because I think that it can not be done internally when Cotori is born,
As I thought, I felt that I was glad I went,
With the feeling that I want to go again,
But there are parts that I am looking forward to Cotori’s birth,
There are no specifications just for this …

A travel note
Day 1 Osaka edition here
On the second day Shima · Toba edition here
3rd day Ise edition is here

Last weekend I spent relaxingly with Ori-san,
I would like to introduce the state of the meal at that time with photos and videos (youtube started!).

Since it is Ori food, this time it is Ori san . (Will it be the day when I will make one day? :))
Recipe etc. For details, I wonder if Ori-san will put it here next time,
Please look forward to it too!

Ori-Fumi rice dish lunch luncheon Japanese dish simmered miso soup rice cake wheat healthy Diet bamboo pickled spinach

This time,
・Boiled pork and green peppers with radish
・lotus root and tuna microwave
・Stir-fry of spinach and crepe
・Bamboo shoot pickles
・Large red ginger
・Miso soup
・Glutinous wheat coconut oil rice

I got out quickly, Big red ginger 🙂
It is surprising to buy, it is really big red ginger.
This product is almost plum rather than ginger. Sorry.

For pickles in bamboo shoots, read Makoto Shiina’s book,
I want to eat this! And Ori-san made something requested.
Rather than saying pickles, it was a taste like soaked,
It was very delicious.

Everything tastes good as usual,
2 cups of rice is as usual as usual

Thank you for the meal.

Oh yeah, I showed a picture of Ori-san when I went to the clinic last week

Ori-san “Hey, are you looking at me here?”
Me “I can only see it as a mummy regardless of how it looks … ;)”
I felt angry by Ori-san 🙂

See you.


Honeymoon Ise edition

Good evening. I will continue to Ori-san last time.
Today is the honeymoon climax!
The story of Ise shrine visitation.

On this day, which will be the third day of my trip, I wanted to visit early in the morning,
Morning 4: 00! I forced Otto-san to awaken and headed to “Naigu”.

First of all, we had a snack at “Katapan”, a snack at the inn, and walked walking through a pitch dark town,
“Uji Bridge” is longing for more! It is!
We were able to enter the “Naigu” at the same time as the opening gate at 5:00.

That majestic … … there are no more words.
While the field of view is pitch dark and the guide plate is not well visible, only the sound of the gravel that two people stepping on will sound burns.
A fresh air that seems to expire in the winter morning.

As long as longing for many worshipers as a sacred place since long ago,
While feeling the overwhelming power of Ise,
We went quietly.
And to the main shrine “Seigu”.
I feel like I am quiet so much … I feel like I just felt the time quietly in front of God.
As soon as I got down the stone steps, my thoughts caught up and tears overflowed.
I do not quite understand what the fluctuation of that feeling was,
I’m glad I came.
It was nice to be with Otto-san.

We asked “Koyasu Shrine” firmly for a safe shipment, and we went to the inn at once.
We warmed up our cold body at a hot spring, ate a huge breakfast and went to sleep until we checked out (lol)

And again to the “Naigu”.
There was also a big goal of this trip, We pray shrine the day of “Inu-no-hi”
We received prayers in the place of “Naigu Kaguraden”
We prayed before God and ended with “ofuda” and “Shinsen” given.
Because we asked God of the highest peak in Japan, Cotori-san will be born cheerfully! It is!

And, I did not notice it in the morning, but autumn leaves in the palace were really beautiful!
It was not too cold, I could not get rain, and it was a really nice visit.

I did not reverse the original order, but from here to the “Gekuu”.
We had lunch before. It is a shock! It is!

We visited the”Gekuu” and came home.
I thought I was going to buy a lottery at the end of Ise, but I forgot (pregnant woman seems to have won it)
Let’s hit it with Ise power in Fukuoka:D

It was a short honeymoon of 3 days but it was the best trip I could spend slowly and calmly.
Next time is Cotori-san together, after 20 years? It was Ise Road that I wanted to visit with Otto-san again.
Otto-san, thank you very much.


Honeymoon Shima&Toba edition

Good evening. It is Ori-san.
Today, I will talk about the continuation of our honeymoon.

From the second day it’s time to travel to Ise · Shima.
To early morning express train to Shima · Ugata station, the first day is borrowing rent-a-car to drive Shima – Toba!

First we headed out, “Yokoyama Observatory” that overlooks the Ago-Bay.
Unexpectedly climb from morning!
However, the scenery, what the hell!

There was such a magnificent view of Ago Bay! It is! Shortness of breath will also blow away.

Next, to “Ishigami-san” to Shinmei Shrine.
This means that one woman’s wish will be granted, of course I was hoping for Cotri-san’s safe birth. Otto-san, 1 billion yen! Although it wrote as · · · 😀

While heading north on Pearl Road, we went to another scenic spot “Toba Observation Deck”.
The weather is really good this day, the sun is bright, the sea and the sky are beautiful.

And Otto-san who continues to tell me hungry from the morning, is a long-awaited lunch.
We had seafood bean-grill and gorgeous seafood rice bowl.
However, there are many people, many cars, no seafood bowls ….
Let’s be good as we could take a nap for a while as I waited for a bowl (lol)
Shrimp was trying to escape from the bowl, jumping and jumping.

To the last mission today, to “Futami Okitama Shrine”.
I wanted to visit this place on a honeymoon here that there is a benefit of husband and wife.
I wish for the happiness of our married life starting from now.

Meoto Iwa & Amulet

And it finally arrived at Ise-shi.
We had time to have dinner at the inn, so we ate “Ise Udon” specialty of Ise.
Taste is dark! It seems that it was a formidable opponent for Otto-san who is not good at soft noodles.
Well, once you eat it.

Tonight’s inn is near the Ise Naigu “Ikyu”
Both the rooms, meals and hot springs were great accommodation.
Well, tomorrow is early ! The next day the situation of the 3rd day of Ise worship visit!

Oh yeah, Osaka journey Last red ginger udon noodles, on the spot Otto-san did not say delicious, He did not share it. “Ikezu~”:D



Honeymoon Osaka edition

I went to honeymoon with Ori-san in 2 days and 3 days.

As a honeymoon, some people think that it is too short,
Because of the circumstances of work and, above all, I was worried about Ori-san and Cotori,
I decided to go by this period.

On the first day Osaka
To the Ise · Shima on the 2nd and 3rd day

This time Osaka ed.

Speaking of Osaka!
I arrived before noon so I had lunch.

Where shall we eat from before departure? I was suffering by two people,
After all, going and thinking while walking around the glove,
Search around Namba where the hotel is located. (I went to keep my luggage at the hotel before check-in)

Speaking of Osaka, it is powdery, is not it?
I just do not like Okonomiyaki or Takoyaki too much …
But I have to go here! I mean,
To Fukutaro of Okonomiyaki, famous for Namba.
It bad that I went without seeing information properly,
Unfortunately, it is not open for lunch and it is business at night only.
Search it again, what to do.
Then, there is another store in Fukutaro!
It is Fukutaro Namba Dining Maison store.
Looking at the word-of-mouth, I was writing side by side, so if I thought that I do not want to eat side by side,
? There is no customer at all 🙂
We ordered Fukutaro who was quickly put in order,
Grilled pork and mixed balls.

As for me, it will be the same taste if sauce is hung,
Grilled pork with onions.
This is eating locally (although I have not eaten so much) Okonomiyaki,
There was a taste that I was feeling more nervous and that I was wrong.
It’s just a bit expensive …

Next is Osaka and that 2!
I went to Namba Grande Kagetsu watching Yoshimoto Shinkigeki.
Well it is funny, is not it?
There are some comic strips before the new comedy, but this is also interesting!
* I was sleeping so sleepy at the time of Tommies, but Ori-san said that Tommy was the most interesting
Actually, I wanted to see Mr. Tsujimoto or Mr. Koyabu,
Unfortunately, that day was a day I did not appear.
But, in Fukuoka it is being broadcast in the middle of the night (Are you still doing?) While watching the new comedy,
It was a sense of unreasonableness that I was able to watch the real thing of life that I was enjoying for a while, that it would go out.

After that, I planned to go to the Osaka Aquarium,
The new comedy was quite a long time, it took time and changed to hanging around the streets.

First, to the Shinsekai.
The Shinsekai, desert …
Is this a good Shinsekai?
Is this such a Shinsekai.
There are not people as much as I think, the shops are closed,
It was feeling ….
Once, Takoyaki (I have to eat it after all!) And Tsutenkaku.
Tsutenkaku may not need to climb. It’s expensive, nothing but 🙂

Well, I was wondering what to do for dinner,
I thought from the front that I would like to take Ori-san to the shop where I once went, so go there.
However, I thought it was something because I think that it is also a shop that I can not enjoy so much if I can not drink it,
Ori-san also wants to go there, so head towards the shop where you do not even know whether to enter or even open.

The name of the shop is “Kadoya”.
If it was local people it would be the only one who knows.
I think that you can see the reason for that

When you arrive at Kadoya, when you peek in, do not you put in!
Or is not it open?
(We recommend you go early)

So, I ordered a lot, before that,
There are only drinks, beer, shochu or Nihonsyu.
There is no soft drink.
However, as it was said that soft drinks can be brought in,
I have beer. Ori-san brought a non alcoholic beer.
TA cold beer is great for a cup full of walking tiredness!

I will post photos.

After all the shop selling Tonsoku is delicious,
It is Senmaisashi delicious. (It looks awesome but it is) (I forgot to take a picture :))
Impregnate the skewer in the attached sauce (onion-rich).

After all, you may not be able to enjoy it unless you can drink it.
Have you enjoyed Ori-san?

By the way, employees are multinational, and they are shopping a lot.
Ugly in anyone who may be (rude), you’ll enjoy if you like drinking.

I drank two beers early and rounded up earlier, and I decided to take a walk around the stroll.

I wanted to eat with tightening, go to Kasu udon and “Kusuya”.

This red ginger is oddly delicious,
I am addicted to red ginger after coming home.
What I bought for a big guy with red ginger. (I did not say to Ori-san)

It was early morning, so I turned around a lot, it is really three days before I think back now. It feels like a long ago,
The journey continues more.

Ise-Shima knitting from the next day to leave it to Oli-san, today in this side.

See you!


Cottori’s painless childbirth

Good morning.
Very sunny morning, it is fresh Ori-san.

We decided to painless childbirth.
In Fukuoka it will be planned delivery in plenty little painless special hospital.
As one of the methods of childbirth, 60 to 70% have been painless in Western countries for some time and it seems that they are approaching 50% in Tokyo.
In overseas it is also narrative that driving the car by herself and leaving hospital for the next day of birth is often.

Both merit and demerit are births, but certainly it is a decisive factor that the burden on mothers and babies is low, recovery after birth is fast, and the ability to concentrate immediately on childcare later can be decided.
I do not want to hurt! It is the biggest reason:D

In the case of the clinic selected by us, the hospital stay will be somewhat longer than in natural delivery, but we are drunk here! Let’s pay hospital fee.

By the way, childbirth cost seems to be about 200,000yen higher than natural delivery.

And the midwife said to be 35 years old to have awareness of high risk birth! It is!
In the recent thirties, the body is suitable for years even though it looks young.
It seems that future health guidance seems to be difficult, Ori-san who has already gained weight a little, is uneasy lol

There was also a confirmation of intention as to how to do the amniotic fluid test because of my age.
As we were talking about in advance, we do not do the examination.
As long as we are children, we promised to grow with full power with affection.

Oh, husband’s presentation I told my teacher that I did not have a childbirth, was it good? 😀

Otto-san was showing off at once, but for the first time in 4D I saw Cotori-san in my stomach and I was thinking that I had to review my mother’s life properly. It was a clinic visit.

Otto-san wonder if he got aware of his father a little.

Well well, I’m Uki-Uki from the morning, I am leaving for our honeymoon from now.
I am going worship prayers for Ise-Jingu!


Confirm Cotori in 4D!


It is Otto-san.

Last Saturday, I have been to the clinic with Ori-san.
I am the first time to visit obstetrics and gynecology,
Naturally many pregnant women 😀

This time, we went to the clinic by two people,
Whether giving birth to that clinic or not,
Ultrasonic waves, and 4D! It was a casual feeling as I said that I wanted to see it with.

First of all, about the clinic,
Two people talked about pregnancy to choose painless labor.
However, Fukuoka still has few institutions that can give births with painless delivery,
As a result of talking with a lot of things to do, as a result of saying that the clinic is good,
I was asked to do the examination on that day when there was a briefing on painless delivery.

For painless labor, there may be good or bad for individuals,
It is also from the stage we are investigating as our birthing method we chose,
Even after listening to the explanation at the clinic, I feel that this method is good again.

Personally, the pregnant woman does not feel pain (painless delivery is not completely painless),
I think that there is nothing to be worse if the burden on the mother and fetus at birth is small,
If it is not painful accompanied by birth, it is not childbirth. After knowing that there are strange customs that remain,
We decided to go with this method.

Ori-san will explain more details (about expenses etc.) about the neighborhood as well?

So, I do not hesitate to choose painless labor,
It is only a wish for both mother and child to be able to give birth in a healthy state.

Well, as you can see in the title, you have to show Cotori’s 4D image!

baby 4d 3d Ultrasonic wave  Pregnant woman

Wow, when I saw this first, I was surprised!
Although I did not think that 4D could be seen,
It seems like this clearly this time.
It’s still 9.2 cm, 25 g, but it looks very big.
Ori-san said that today did not move. As I said, I did not make a tremor, so I took pictures beautifully.
I also wanted to see it moving, but expect it again next time.
The umbilical cord looks like a male vessel, Cotori’s over there so big! I was thinking unintentionally,
I do not know Cotori is a boy or a girl yet.
It is hope that I do not know either until I come out,
Will not you know that if you look so clear up to this point?

I felt a certain growth and got a good experience.

Finally Ori-san stomach came out.
It’s not that fat Ori-san never felt! (Ori-san talks)

Pregnant woman stomach baby bulge

See you!

Otto and Ori -san’s pregnancy life

It is Ori-san who has suddenly stomach got bigger.

I have drunk much drinking so far, but since I noticed Cotori’s existence, I got quit so quietly that I was surprised.
Although the work drinking party is a little troublesome, at the time of meal with Otto-san, I do not mind even if he drink it in front of my eyes (rather fun), but he does not mind.
Otto-san who likes alcohol also has a slight damage to the liver, so it is a good opportunity to abstain from drinking together! Also tobacco … 😀

However, the soft drink of the restaurant is juice or oolong tea, is not it?
While I am eating, I do not like juice but I can not help it, I’m getting fat.
I’d like to put mineral water or carbonated water.

Well, tomorrow is a fun dating with Otto-san.
Besides, I will see a gynecology department with Otto-san for him the first time!
Exciting tear drops, expectation.