Ori handmade healthy diet

Good evening

It is Otto.

It is happy mood and full of satisfaction feeling full of Otto meeting with Oris-san on weekends.

When I think about it, I still feel strange because my life has not changed even before I join.
However, it seems that the finger has a foreign body feeling (it is because the ring is fitted). Is it the only part that changed?

Well, today is my favorite food. It is Ori’s Home cooking!
Let’s show it first


Recently talked about a Japanese actress, Fumino Kimura is posted in Instagram, It looks like Fumi Food!
Originally Ori-san, I made such a meal and I also love vessels. I will name you Ori Food!

Fumi Food from here

Ori-san will do the detailed explanation of each. (Ori-san please)

This is also exactly good for me, it is delicious and the rice does not stop.
Even if that rice cooked dish, Ori-san is making me as a fat carbohydrate now,
This is the glutinous wheat coconut oil rice which I introduced before!

I have not realized that effect yet. I mean, eating ramen or eating out,
I have not been able to eat that meal for a week, so I do not really know …

Just it is really delicious, so the feeling of eating each meal of Ori’s meal more than eating out is increasing day by day.

Oh ~ I want to live with Ori-san soon.

When I started living together with Ori-san, I also learned cooking and I will do my best to post it here!

※ Older says a bit of stomach certainly the other day. It was a mysterious feeling that there was a life there, Otto.

See you!



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