Ori Food Recipe??

Good evening. It is Ori.
A movie that only two people eat rice silently.
Is there someone who can enjoy it?
It is something fun to watch for themselves! It is!

I am committed to introduce the recipe.

Because this is home cooking, I am making it momentum every time, it is not embarrassing to introduce, but it is embarrassing.
Incidentally, Otto-san is naming it, so let’s obey it faithfully (lol)

Boiled pork and green peppers with radish
1  Pork sliced meat with dusted potato starch and Boil.
It is a point to make the shabu-shabu after softening the boiled hot water once it is soft.
2 Fried green peppers.
Stir-fried green peppers that I ate at a Chinese restaurant the other day was delicious, so I roughly tried to imitate how to cut it.
3 Sautéed meat and green peppers and boiled with a large amount of white radish. Completion.

lotus root and tuna microwave (nice ~)
1 Lotus root, tuna, wipers and sesame oil into the Lekue!
2 Finish with pepper and white sesame seeds.

Stir-fry of spinach and crepe
1 Crispy “Chirimen-jyako” with sesame oil.
2 Add boiled spinach quickly, lightly pour out the “Dashi”, and finish with.
The taste was hardly attached, but the spinach at this season is delicious!

Bamboo shoot pickles
1 Boiling the bamboo shoots, slicing the red peppers and cutting the bonito in the soup stock.
※ In the movie “Hot Poo!” we said that because of too much chili pepper,
Actually …. It was because I was immersed straight in without noticing that soup stock was enriched 10 to 15 times!
I’m sorry, otto-san.

This is what I am indebted to carefully recently!
It will be delicious with everything in this one, which is greatly appreciated.

So, the seasoning is also an estimate so it has not become a recipe at all,
From now on I will make delicious food for Otto-san!
Can we teach Otto-san to cook this way?

The huge red ginger Otto-san bought, sour anyway, Ori-san is unable to eat!
It was a brilliant transformation with the lunch of the next day! That neighborhood is next time.

Well, Ori-san has entered the 16th week of pregnancy.
I have kept patience from pregnancy, I decided to start yoga at last.
(Before pregnancy, I got sweaty with hot yoga almost every day on my way back from work)
I went to private lessons of maternity yoga!

Originally my body is stiff, I was surprised by the decline in just 4 months! It is!
It is tough for a teacher that “hip joints are a problem”! I guess it is supposed to be thought.
I will try my best at home, yoga with bathing rising.


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