Merry Christmas! & The secret stoy for Otto-san

Good evening everyone.
Are you having a wonderful Christmas?
It is Ori-san who enjoyed Christmas for the first time by becoming a couple with Ott0-san.

Yesterday & today was very fun days.
As Otto-san announced, we first appreciated the Rakugo at Hakataza.
Creative rakugo was very interesting, in talking about people, tears were full, … It was a really fulfilling three hours.
At Yakitori-ya in dinner, after that Hakata specialty cart ramen!
I ate too much and my weight this morning was tough, but it became Eve like us that does not feel anything fashionable.
For details, Otto-san.

Here, a Christmas gift present from Otto-san & a gift I sent for Otto-san.

From Otto-san, I received a live DVD of ”Hiromi Uehara ”who went to a concert the other day and had a great excitement!
New Year ‘s holiday, see this and that touch again! It is!

And I gave Otto-san ‘s “Hanten”. It is Japanese traditional warm clothes.
This Hanten is made in Fukuoka!
I fall in love with the design and make a prompt decision! The figure worn by Ott0-san is here. Very Cute !

I also bought my own (deep blue).
Actually, I have ignited my sleeve that I came last year with a stove while cooking …
Please note that everyone should not wear it in the kitchen 😀

Well, today, I talked to Otto-san a story about things I bought for a secret. Deja Vu Is it?
Actually, I bought this.

I admired for a long time, the Japanese kitchen knife of GLOBAL!
I thought that I wanted to get married, but it was a chance to be 10% off.
I will try my best cooking, so please forgive me 😀


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