Honeymoon Osaka edition

I went to honeymoon with Ori-san in 2 days and 3 days.

As a honeymoon, some people think that it is too short,
Because of the circumstances of work and, above all, I was worried about Ori-san and Cotori,
I decided to go by this period.

On the first day Osaka
To the Ise · Shima on the 2nd and 3rd day

This time Osaka ed.

Speaking of Osaka!
I arrived before noon so I had lunch.

Where shall we eat from before departure? I was suffering by two people,
After all, going and thinking while walking around the glove,
Search around Namba where the hotel is located. (I went to keep my luggage at the hotel before check-in)

Speaking of Osaka, it is powdery, is not it?
I just do not like Okonomiyaki or Takoyaki too much …
But I have to go here! I mean,
To Fukutaro of Okonomiyaki, famous for Namba.
It bad that I went without seeing information properly,
Unfortunately, it is not open for lunch and it is business at night only.
Search it again, what to do.
Then, there is another store in Fukutaro!
It is Fukutaro Namba Dining Maison store.
Looking at the word-of-mouth, I was writing side by side, so if I thought that I do not want to eat side by side,
? There is no customer at all 🙂
We ordered Fukutaro who was quickly put in order,
Grilled pork and mixed balls.

As for me, it will be the same taste if sauce is hung,
Grilled pork with onions.
This is eating locally (although I have not eaten so much) Okonomiyaki,
There was a taste that I was feeling more nervous and that I was wrong.
It’s just a bit expensive …

Next is Osaka and that 2!
I went to Namba Grande Kagetsu watching Yoshimoto Shinkigeki.
Well it is funny, is not it?
There are some comic strips before the new comedy, but this is also interesting!
* I was sleeping so sleepy at the time of Tommies, but Ori-san said that Tommy was the most interesting
Actually, I wanted to see Mr. Tsujimoto or Mr. Koyabu,
Unfortunately, that day was a day I did not appear.
But, in Fukuoka it is being broadcast in the middle of the night (Are you still doing?) While watching the new comedy,
It was a sense of unreasonableness that I was able to watch the real thing of life that I was enjoying for a while, that it would go out.

After that, I planned to go to the Osaka Aquarium,
The new comedy was quite a long time, it took time and changed to hanging around the streets.

First, to the Shinsekai.
The Shinsekai, desert …
Is this a good Shinsekai?
Is this such a Shinsekai.
There are not people as much as I think, the shops are closed,
It was feeling ….
Once, Takoyaki (I have to eat it after all!) And Tsutenkaku.
Tsutenkaku may not need to climb. It’s expensive, nothing but 🙂

Well, I was wondering what to do for dinner,
I thought from the front that I would like to take Ori-san to the shop where I once went, so go there.
However, I thought it was something because I think that it is also a shop that I can not enjoy so much if I can not drink it,
Ori-san also wants to go there, so head towards the shop where you do not even know whether to enter or even open.

The name of the shop is “Kadoya”.
If it was local people it would be the only one who knows.
I think that you can see the reason for that

When you arrive at Kadoya, when you peek in, do not you put in!
Or is not it open?
(We recommend you go early)

So, I ordered a lot, before that,
There are only drinks, beer, shochu or Nihonsyu.
There is no soft drink.
However, as it was said that soft drinks can be brought in,
I have beer. Ori-san brought a non alcoholic beer.
TA cold beer is great for a cup full of walking tiredness!

I will post photos.

After all the shop selling Tonsoku is delicious,
It is Senmaisashi delicious. (It looks awesome but it is) (I forgot to take a picture :))
Impregnate the skewer in the attached sauce (onion-rich).

After all, you may not be able to enjoy it unless you can drink it.
Have you enjoyed Ori-san?

By the way, employees are multinational, and they are shopping a lot.
Ugly in anyone who may be (rude), you’ll enjoy if you like drinking.

I drank two beers early and rounded up earlier, and I decided to take a walk around the stroll.

I wanted to eat with tightening, go to Kasu udon and “Kusuya”.

This red ginger is oddly delicious,
I am addicted to red ginger after coming home.
What I bought for a big guy with red ginger. (I did not say to Ori-san)

It was early morning, so I turned around a lot, it is really three days before I think back now. It feels like a long ago,
The journey continues more.

Ise-Shima knitting from the next day to leave it to Oli-san, today in this side.

See you!



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