Honeymoon Ise edition

Good evening. I will continue to Ori-san last time.
Today is the honeymoon climax!
The story of Ise shrine visitation.

On this day, which will be the third day of my trip, I wanted to visit early in the morning,
Morning 4: 00! I forced Otto-san to awaken and headed to “Naigu”.

First of all, we had a snack at “Katapan”, a snack at the inn, and walked walking through a pitch dark town,
“Uji Bridge” is longing for more! It is!
We were able to enter the “Naigu” at the same time as the opening gate at 5:00.

That majestic … … there are no more words.
While the field of view is pitch dark and the guide plate is not well visible, only the sound of the gravel that two people stepping on will sound burns.
A fresh air that seems to expire in the winter morning.

As long as longing for many worshipers as a sacred place since long ago,
While feeling the overwhelming power of Ise,
We went quietly.
And to the main shrine “Seigu”.
I feel like I am quiet so much … I feel like I just felt the time quietly in front of God.
As soon as I got down the stone steps, my thoughts caught up and tears overflowed.
I do not quite understand what the fluctuation of that feeling was,
I’m glad I came.
It was nice to be with Otto-san.

We asked “Koyasu Shrine” firmly for a safe shipment, and we went to the inn at once.
We warmed up our cold body at a hot spring, ate a huge breakfast and went to sleep until we checked out (lol)

And again to the “Naigu”.
There was also a big goal of this trip, We pray shrine the day of “Inu-no-hi”
We received prayers in the place of “Naigu Kaguraden”
We prayed before God and ended with “ofuda” and “Shinsen” given.
Because we asked God of the highest peak in Japan, Cotori-san will be born cheerfully! It is!

And, I did not notice it in the morning, but autumn leaves in the palace were really beautiful!
It was not too cold, I could not get rain, and it was a really nice visit.

I did not reverse the original order, but from here to the “Gekuu”.
We had lunch before. It is a shock! It is!

We visited the”Gekuu” and came home.
I thought I was going to buy a lottery at the end of Ise, but I forgot (pregnant woman seems to have won it)
Let’s hit it with Ise power in Fukuoka:D

It was a short honeymoon of 3 days but it was the best trip I could spend slowly and calmly.
Next time is Cotori-san together, after 20 years? It was Ise Road that I wanted to visit with Otto-san again.
Otto-san, thank you very much.