First New Year’s Preparation

Good evening. It is Ori-san.
I have a really reliable Otto-san to my husband, Ori-san is a happy person.
Cotori-san surely will be relieved.

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve.
The first New Year ‘s greetings with Otto-san.
Today from the morning, I am preparing “Osechi & Ozoni”.

I’ve never been to New Year ‘s cooking since I have stayed at my parent home last year and New Year’ s holiday.
I managed  get ready for a look!

Nonetheless, Otto-san and Ori-san are not like old-fashioned “Osechi”…
So, it seems that a pretty original “Cottori Family’s Osechi” will be completed.
The completed figure will be released on New Year’s Day!

Osechi is likely to be far from the original thing,
I am hoping to reproduce “Hakata-Zoni” which Ori-san has eaten since long ago.
There seems to be various kinds of “Ozoni” all over the area, but is “soup” important for “Hakata-Zoni” ?
To prepare delicious soup stock, it is preparations from tonight.

Material of soup stock
· “Yaki-ago” (It does not start without this! Flying fish burned with charcoal fire)
· “Donko-Shiitake” (thick dried mushroom shiitake)
· kelp
· Dried squid
· Bonito
There are lots of it. Moreover, the kelp and the dried squid used this time is from “Shinsen” that I had at the time of worshiping Ise.
I wonder if it will be a profit.
Immersed in water overnight, and boiled out tomorrow.

It would be nice if I could complete for the first time.
I wonder if Otto-san will be pleased!



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