Details on Mochitsuki and on painless delivery clinic

mochitsuki japan fukuoka delicious event The end of the year

Good evening.

It is Mr. Otto.

Follow this Ori’s article.

mochitsuki japan fukuoka delicious event The end of the year

At our company, last year we had the usual Mochitsuki.
There seems to have been done with Mochitsuki,
If you think about it, you have not done it.
So, as I heard such a voice within the company,
By making it an annual event from the end of the last year,
It came to be held on the day of paying work.

Last year, Ori was unable to participate due to unfortunate work,
This year, because it kept me a day off for that day,
Ori became the first Mochitsuki.

Have you eaten a freshly squeezed Mochi?
I thought that it was enough as I sold it at supermarket etc,
For the freshly made Mochi, it is delicious as it is a slippery!

You can eat it with Japanese radish sauce,
You can eat it with Anko (I do not like it, though)
There is a new discovery as to whether it is possible to make it so delicious.

However, although there are preparations and hardships …

Well there is a yearly event like this with everyone together,
Every year, it means that this time is being healthy,
It is a pleasant thing.

Well, as Ori said,
About 2 hours with a change of the clinic, I was stupid.

Ori said that the management situation of the maternal hospital there seems to be dangerous from the past,
As for me it was impossible to be with the sweet idea that there would be another problem here …
I really regretted Ori.

Well, there are things I’d like to say to various clinics before I change.

As I knew last month,
Why did not you tell me that even at the briefing we went last month it might be such a thing,
What will happen to the pregnant women who are currently taking a check-up or planning to give birth next month? or,
It is too irresponsible! There is only a feeling like that.

However, no matter what we say now we do not have specifications,
Anyway, since I knew it (this is also scary Ori says that I will try to call you, I did not know until I called) !
We hurriedly searched for a nearby clinic.

Before that, I had decided where to move,
When the previous clinic runs out, where do I really have to do The inside of the head is a mutual lady …

Looking for it, there are quite a few painless delivery facilities in Fukuoka prefecture,
While there were places close to the moving place, there was only one case was the clinic written by Ori.

I have not heard any direct stories yet,
I think that there were various uneasiness as Ori,
I feel sorry I can not stay by my side.

The importance of looking for a hospital, especially concerning birth, but I felt.

I can only do as I pray that things will go well,
I think that I would like to prepare the environment that Ori can feel pleasant and safe as much as possible.

Finally, it is the old year.
Although there were various in this year,
I guess there will be more variety next year than this year.
There are fun and uneasiness,
We hope to cooperate with Ori and make it a happy year.

Since the year-end and New Year holidays with Ori forever,
We are consulting what kind of DVD we should watch.

Well then, next time!



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