Cottori’s painless childbirth

Good morning.
Very sunny morning, it is fresh Ori-san.

We decided to painless childbirth.
In Fukuoka it will be planned delivery in plenty little painless special hospital.
As one of the methods of childbirth, 60 to 70% have been painless in Western countries for some time and it seems that they are approaching 50% in Tokyo.
In overseas it is also narrative that driving the car by herself and leaving hospital for the next day of birth is often.

Both merit and demerit are births, but certainly it is a decisive factor that the burden on mothers and babies is low, recovery after birth is fast, and the ability to concentrate immediately on childcare later can be decided.
I do not want to hurt! It is the biggest reason:D

In the case of the clinic selected by us, the hospital stay will be somewhat longer than in natural delivery, but we are drunk here! Let’s pay hospital fee.

By the way, childbirth cost seems to be about 200,000yen higher than natural delivery.

And the midwife said to be 35 years old to have awareness of high risk birth! It is!
In the recent thirties, the body is suitable for years even though it looks young.
It seems that future health guidance seems to be difficult, Ori-san who has already gained weight a little, is uneasy lol

There was also a confirmation of intention as to how to do the amniotic fluid test because of my age.
As we were talking about in advance, we do not do the examination.
As long as we are children, we promised to grow with full power with affection.

Oh, husband’s presentation I told my teacher that I did not have a childbirth, was it good? 😀

Otto-san was showing off at once, but for the first time in 4D I saw Cotori-san in my stomach and I was thinking that I had to review my mother’s life properly. It was a clinic visit.

Otto-san wonder if he got aware of his father a little.

Well well, I’m Uki-Uki from the morning, I am leaving for our honeymoon from now.
I am going worship prayers for Ise-Jingu!