“Cottori San’s Original Osechi” & New Year

Happy New Year.
From the year-end and New Year’s holidays, I was suddenly pulled back to reality.

The weather was nice and warm all day, it was a really calm New Year’s Day.
This holidays, we enjoyed walking early morning!

There is a big park in the neighborhood of Ori’s house, a walk around the moat  ~A coffee break is our favorite course.
It really feels good.

And Otto-san’s favorite swing is enjoying.
On this day on the first day, there are not kids yet.

Well, this year is my first New Year to celebrate with Otto-san.
Last time Otto-san introduced it, Ori-san made “Cottori San’s Original Osechi”.

The appearance is very beautiful !
There are no elements of Osechi dishes at all (lol)
Introduction briefly.

Hand made ham
1 Coloring olive paste and salt and pepper chicken meat.
2 Wrap around in laps, 3 minutes by range. It’s three minutes back. Completion!

Because the shrimp that I bought for Vietnam roll remained,
1 Shake the salt for the shrimp a while.
2 Bake in a pan
3 Add alcohol. Steam the lid and finish it!

Vietnam roll
1 Boile the Shrimp
2 Slice the purple onions and season with Nampula, Garlic Oil. Pick up shrimp and soak it overnight.
3 Return the rice paper with water and roll up the green leaf and bean seedlings (broiled at home) and broccoli sprouts, chives and 2 onion shrimps. Completion!

carrot salad
1 Slice the carrot
2 Roast dry pine nuts and sunflower seed and add it to the carrot.
3 Arrange the taste with salt and make it!

Japanese omelette (Tamagoyaki)
1 Melt the egg and add the “Jyako” and “Aosa” powder.
2 Shake the salt and add “Amazake” to the hidden taste.
3 Grill with egg yolk machine, finished!
I make the “Tamagoyaki” for Otto-san is the first time.
I do not put in sugar, Otto-san was the same, so I am relieved (lol)

Bean salad
1 chopped purple onion.
2 Immerse mixed beans and 1 onions in olive oil, vinegar and salt, ready!

Persimmon, avocado and tomato salad
1 Cut persimmon and avocado into bite size. Tomatoes in half length.
2 Dare with olive oil and salt pepper, finish with cumin.
I used cumin for the first time, it is delicious!
Otto-san was damaged by the sweetness of persimmon, but it was so delicious. Ori-san push!

Cauliflower and edamame curry flavor
1 Sauteed frozen edamame and cauliflower with garlic oil.
2 Add curry powder to the finish.
I forgot to put anchovies! I notice this time.

Brown rice ball onigiri
Part 1 The pickles and the “Jyako”
Part 2 Black sesame and wasabi
It seems that the flavor of wasabi flew away as time goes on.
It seems that it could have been added more violently 😀

When I thought that it was colorfully made with side dishes that can be cooked, it became an assortment of just as simple things as I usually make almost 😀
I was glad that Otto-san was pleased.
We finished the meal cleanly!



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