Confirm Cotori in 4D!


It is Otto-san.

Last Saturday, I have been to the clinic with Ori-san.
I am the first time to visit obstetrics and gynecology,
Naturally many pregnant women 😀

This time, we went to the clinic by two people,
Whether giving birth to that clinic or not,
Ultrasonic waves, and 4D! It was a casual feeling as I said that I wanted to see it with.

First of all, about the clinic,
Two people talked about pregnancy to choose painless labor.
However, Fukuoka still has few institutions that can give births with painless delivery,
As a result of talking with a lot of things to do, as a result of saying that the clinic is good,
I was asked to do the examination on that day when there was a briefing on painless delivery.

For painless labor, there may be good or bad for individuals,
It is also from the stage we are investigating as our birthing method we chose,
Even after listening to the explanation at the clinic, I feel that this method is good again.

Personally, the pregnant woman does not feel pain (painless delivery is not completely painless),
I think that there is nothing to be worse if the burden on the mother and fetus at birth is small,
If it is not painful accompanied by birth, it is not childbirth. After knowing that there are strange customs that remain,
We decided to go with this method.

Ori-san will explain more details (about expenses etc.) about the neighborhood as well?

So, I do not hesitate to choose painless labor,
It is only a wish for both mother and child to be able to give birth in a healthy state.

Well, as you can see in the title, you have to show Cotori’s 4D image!

baby 4d 3d Ultrasonic wave  Pregnant woman

Wow, when I saw this first, I was surprised!
Although I did not think that 4D could be seen,
It seems like this clearly this time.
It’s still 9.2 cm, 25 g, but it looks very big.
Ori-san said that today did not move. As I said, I did not make a tremor, so I took pictures beautifully.
I also wanted to see it moving, but expect it again next time.
The umbilical cord looks like a male vessel, Cotori’s over there so big! I was thinking unintentionally,
I do not know Cotori is a boy or a girl yet.
It is hope that I do not know either until I come out,
Will not you know that if you look so clear up to this point?

I felt a certain growth and got a good experience.

Finally Ori-san stomach came out.
It’s not that fat Ori-san never felt! (Ori-san talks)

Pregnant woman stomach baby bulge

See you!


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