Otto-san’s remodeling plan Part 1 Coconut oil and Glutinous wheat rice

Good evening. I’m Ori-san

Otto-san has imitated the morning sickness · · ·, Ramen & Fried rice !! Moreover, second serving!!!
Ori-san is gentle so it was not get angry,I decided to tackle Otto-san’s remodeling plan.

Otto-san was put on 10kg when I first met. (it is a kind of con man · · · :D)
There’s no way of happiness and fatness!
Because we are living separately, I have not let my daily food.

In this case how to make usual rice healthy? Is it?
(Otto-san likes diet information, and he always introduces the idea from somewhere.)

Mix the “glutinous wheat rice” in the white rice, and add “coconut oil” and cook it.
Cool the rice once and eats it.
Is this delicious? It is already an experimental area.


1.Wash 2 cups of rice as usual

2.Put 1 cup of glutinous wheat rice
3. 600 ml of water
4.Add coconut oil (2 spoons per 1 cup of rice)
6.Chill in the refrigerator for 12 hours
7.Heat with a microwave, and Eat!


I cooked it.
I will try eating tomorrow.

Can this rice make him lose weight? Stay  tuned .


Ukulele and ramen. To Ori-san is a secret story.

Only I was running the current?
I thought it was mutual, so it was a bit shocking Otto.

Today, I’d like to talk to Ori-san what I bought for a secret.

I bought an ukulele!

ukulele guiter play amazon Beginner

Pororon porororon is playing.

I bought a set for beginners, so the goal is to be able to play chords first!

And the next secret story.
Despite being on a diet, I ate ramen and fried rice …

ramen yakimeshi japanese food

Yes. Shelf me also 😀

This will get angry. Eh ~ I will be absolutely angry …

It seems that the cold does not go away as Ori-san said, but I have not met for a while,
I’m going to stay for a long time tomorrow so I want it to be getting better.

Is it Morning sickness? My drowsiness is amazing during my day.
(My appetite is also amazing .. I get angry.

see you!