Chrysanthemum and kimchi salad and Stir-fried garlic with celery and bacon and shimeji etc.

Good evening

It is Otto-san.

It’s fast, it’s already over the weekend, and the year-end.
Christmas Eve tomorrow! you know.
It is too early.
I feel that Christmas mood has disappeared every year from the town without relation to something old.
There is no hope for such Christmas, but it is a bit lonely …

Tomorrow, I went to see Shinosuke Tatekawa’s Rakugo with at Hakataza,
Later dinner is planned to spend Christmas with pure Japanese style called yakitori

Okay, the continuation of Ori rice last week.

japan japanesefood food delicious washoku pork cooking celery miso soup rice tsukemono fukuoka

· Pork soup
· Chrysanthemum and kimchi salad
· Stir-fried garlic with celery and bacon and shimeji
· Turnip pickles
· Glutinous wheat coconut oil rice

It is the rest of pork the day before,
It is the rest of the pot.
I was thinking to give it to my blog,
I eat too silently and there is no point of view! 🙂
Because the element of the pot is unique and only available in Fukuoka, I will upload it if there is opportunity.

So, I do not like pork soup very much …
Ori-san is also familiar with it,
The biggest reason I do not like pork soup is because potatoes are in it!
I dislike potatoes in miso soup. I really do not like it 🙂
It is truly Ori-san.
They prepared potato-free soup stock.
It was delicious as usual.

The salad of Chrysanthemum and Kimchi,
Ori-san said on the video,
I just wanted to sesame seed oil on shrimps and kimchi.
But I’m a person who likes such simple things very much.
I’m a cheap guy, 🙂

It is stir-fry,
I like what love, asparagus bacon stir-fry very much,
It is my favorite thing to say that I like the most among side dishes.
Have not I said to Ori-san?
Do not know whether you know,
It made a similar thing, it was really delicious.

The recent fashion among the two,
It’s like putting Japanese pepper on pickles,
I also enjoyed the taste version very delicious.

It is difficult to understand with movie,
Since rice was a little extra,
If I have this, I eat natto (rice) which meant meals would be manageable.
I guess eats too much …

Oh Ori-san reply with.
I did not understand that celery is contained. 🙂

It is already Otto-san who can not feel so much that next year is the end of the year, and the year will come.

See you.


Mentaiko French bread and sandwich and soymilk soup

It is Otto-san.

Ori-food only the gift. 😉

bread japan food japanesefood delicious soup ham salad soymilk soy fukuoka

· Bucket you got in free for campaign with Komeda Coffee
· Ori-san gotten from acquaintance, pain stock’s Mentaiko French bread
· Salad for sandwiches · Ham · Mackerel
· Soy milk soup

I came to often go to Komeda coffee recently,
If I say why, I could do it nearby, because the cigarette smokes.
Although I am not likely to quit smoking yet,
Please forgive me because it is iQOS. Ori-san 🙂
So, I will buy the bucket from the campaign (I do not know what campaign) but sandwich.

I first heard of mackerel sandwiches and ate it,
It is more delicious than I thought, personally likes Pork cutlet sands.
(It is doubtful whether it is really popular …)

Mentaiko French bread of pain stock in Hakozaki Fukuoka Japan was also delicious!
I did not know about this bakery, but it is famous.
Because Hakozaki does not go out in the middle
The dough was crispy and it tasted like taste.

It seems that soy milk soup has drunk,
When I look back, I have never drunk, so it’s the first soup.
Again, the taste of Ori-san was just right and it was delicious.

Sometimes, I would like to eat bread as well !
Otto who was thinking as if we can not develop fat bread individually 🙂

See you!

Boiled pork and green peppers, stir-fried spinach, etc. Ori food

Good evening.

It is Otto-san.

I came back from my honeymoon trip, and I am sending busy days so busily entering work.

Honeymoon travel has long travel time,
Including that, it was fun!
Going on a trip with Ori-san and this way,
Because I think that it can not be done internally when Cotori is born,
As I thought, I felt that I was glad I went,
With the feeling that I want to go again,
But there are parts that I am looking forward to Cotori’s birth,
There are no specifications just for this …

A travel note
Day 1 Osaka edition here
On the second day Shima · Toba edition here
3rd day Ise edition is here

Last weekend I spent relaxingly with Ori-san,
I would like to introduce the state of the meal at that time with photos and videos (youtube started!).

Since it is Ori food, this time it is Ori san . (Will it be the day when I will make one day? :))
Recipe etc. For details, I wonder if Ori-san will put it here next time,
Please look forward to it too!

Ori-Fumi rice dish lunch luncheon Japanese dish simmered miso soup rice cake wheat healthy Diet bamboo pickled spinach

This time,
・Boiled pork and green peppers with radish
・lotus root and tuna microwave
・Stir-fry of spinach and crepe
・Bamboo shoot pickles
・Large red ginger
・Miso soup
・Glutinous wheat coconut oil rice

I got out quickly, Big red ginger 🙂
It is surprising to buy, it is really big red ginger.
This product is almost plum rather than ginger. Sorry.

For pickles in bamboo shoots, read Makoto Shiina’s book,
I want to eat this! And Ori-san made something requested.
Rather than saying pickles, it was a taste like soaked,
It was very delicious.

Everything tastes good as usual,
2 cups of rice is as usual as usual

Thank you for the meal.

Oh yeah, I showed a picture of Ori-san when I went to the clinic last week

Ori-san “Hey, are you looking at me here?”
Me “I can only see it as a mummy regardless of how it looks … ;)”
I felt angry by Ori-san 🙂

See you.