Bread! Bread! Breeeead!

Good evening.
It is Ori-san who is poor physical condition because I have 18 weeks of pregnancy and my stomach is heavy…

Last week ‘s lunch was omission.
Because it was a miraculous day-of-day bread 😀 that happens to receive two breads from different places on the same day,
I just finished making sandwich ingredients.

· Grilled salt mackerel with potato starch and baked in a pan.
· We mixed cucumber and boiled eggs with mayonnaise and black pepper.
· Marinated chopped onion and tomato with olive oil, vinegar and salt.
I surplied, mixed the dipping of celery. (Did you notice?
· We arranged hams.
· Boiled carrot, radish and Chinese cabbage with consommé and added soy milk.

Rumor “pain stock”s bread was delicious ~.
Something, wheat tastes! Or, the taste of the bread itself is delicious.
I’d like to go, but it’s a bit far away and hard. We’ll get to buy it so much, it looks dangerous (We love to eat!!)

I have never been totally interested in it, but recently I want a sweet asexual.
I wonder if it is not enough sugar.
I am looking forward to Christmas cake and I will do my best a little further this week.
Otto-san is a year-end party of work today.
Ori-san is a little boring. Do not drink too much.



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