Birth and Fetal movement

Good morning. I’m Ori-san.

The day before yesterday, there was “Mochituski” at Otto-san’s home.
Perhaps the first time to participate in “Mochituski”?
Mochitsuki rice cakes are delicious.
I reviewed a little about “Omochi” 😀

A big incident occurred yesterday than such a thing.
The hospital which was going to give birth is suddenly closed · · ·
It is due to circumstances of adults on the management side,
It seems there is no problem with the hospital,
I understood that we can not accept birth for a while.
Moreover, I found a phone call from me · · ·  It was really shocking.

However, it is truly reassuring that a person who thinks together as myself is next to me.
Even when I was calling a hospital, Otto-san was there next to me, so I think I managed to keep it at ease.

We changed the schedule and we had a meeting.
Yesterday I was able to find a place to accept painless labor in a nearby hospital.
It seems that costs are suppressed as a result 😀  It was good that I did not go over the years like this.
Although it is a little uneasy that it is not a painless specialist hospital, I will try to talk firmly with my midwife.

However, the anxiety seemed to have been big, and now I became alone Tears stopped stopping in the morning.
(It’s a secret to Otto-san, lol)
But as I spit out here, this story is over.
In a new hospital, I pray only for meeting with Cotori-san, I will switch my mind!

But, there were also very good things.

I was able to feel fetal movement for the first time in a car headed for Mochitsuki.
After that, Cot0ri-san is moving cheerfully in my stomach.
I wonder if I wanted to participate in “Omochi Petan Petan”.

Sense of tummy movement regardless of my intention,
It is nothing … but,
New feelings for Cotori-san seems to have been born.
I’m talking to Cotori-san while stroking my stomach.
Will it gradually become a mother like this?


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