About me: Ori-san

Hello. I’m Ori-san (wife).

Otto-san (husband) clicked with me on our first date. So we got married.
I thought I was ready to get pregnant after the marriage and stopped using contraception.
Then Cotori (our unborn baby) clicked with me.

Both of us are over 35 years old. Cotori is our treasure like a miracle.

Ori-san is living in a busy town, and in the middle pregnant.
(Otto-san is living in a countryside.)

I expected heavy morning sickness because Otto-san and I read a book called “You are a baby” over and over again. “You are a baby” was written by Mieko Kawakami and Otto-san recommended me.
Luckily my symptom during early pregnancy was only “I’m too sleepy!!” I didn’t have anything else. When I was thinking “pregnancy is only like this—“

I caught a cold. I know it’s a cold, just a cold!
During pregnancy I can’t take any medicine. I didn’t imagine this having “just a cold” is such a hardship….
(I couldn’t stand it anymore. So I went to see an obstetrician and gynaecologist but I was given only cough syrup. You know it is like a child’s medicine. I have a bad sore throat!! )
I heard immunity declines during pregnancy. I understand that’s true.
It’s already 18 days since the symptom of the cold started. It seems to be still long way till I get well perfectly· · ·

Anyway, the high temperature phase has ended in these 2-3-days. My body temperature has come down so obviously.
My berry seems to be getting bigger so quickly, too!
I haven’t seen Otto-san for a while. I wondered if he will be surprised to see my belly.
So, I’m gonna see Otto-san for the first day in 3 weeks. I’m so much excited.

See you soon.

“You are a baby (Author: Mieko Kawakami)” (Bungeishunjū)
I recommend this book. Guys, I would like you to read this book. I mean husbands, boyfriends and male partners.


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