“Cottori San’s Original Osechi” & New Year

Happy New Year.
From the year-end and New Year’s holidays, I was suddenly pulled back to reality.

The weather was nice and warm all day, it was a really calm New Year’s Day.
This holidays, we enjoyed walking early morning!

There is a big park in the neighborhood of Ori’s house, a walk around the moat  ~A coffee break is our favorite course.
It really feels good.

And Otto-san’s favorite swing is enjoying.
On this day on the first day, there are not kids yet.

Well, this year is my first New Year to celebrate with Otto-san.
Last time Otto-san introduced it, Ori-san made “Cottori San’s Original Osechi”.

The appearance is very beautiful !
There are no elements of Osechi dishes at all (lol)
Introduction briefly.

Hand made ham
1 Coloring olive paste and salt and pepper chicken meat.
2 Wrap around in laps, 3 minutes by range. It’s three minutes back. Completion!

Because the shrimp that I bought for Vietnam roll remained,
1 Shake the salt for the shrimp a while.
2 Bake in a pan
3 Add alcohol. Steam the lid and finish it!

Vietnam roll
1 Boile the Shrimp
2 Slice the purple onions and season with Nampula, Garlic Oil. Pick up shrimp and soak it overnight.
3 Return the rice paper with water and roll up the green leaf and bean seedlings (broiled at home) and broccoli sprouts, chives and 2 onion shrimps. Completion!

carrot salad
1 Slice the carrot
2 Roast dry pine nuts and sunflower seed and add it to the carrot.
3 Arrange the taste with salt and make it!

Japanese omelette (Tamagoyaki)
1 Melt the egg and add the “Jyako” and “Aosa” powder.
2 Shake the salt and add “Amazake” to the hidden taste.
3 Grill with egg yolk machine, finished!
I make the “Tamagoyaki” for Otto-san is the first time.
I do not put in sugar, Otto-san was the same, so I am relieved (lol)

Bean salad
1 chopped purple onion.
2 Immerse mixed beans and 1 onions in olive oil, vinegar and salt, ready!

Persimmon, avocado and tomato salad
1 Cut persimmon and avocado into bite size. Tomatoes in half length.
2 Dare with olive oil and salt pepper, finish with cumin.
I used cumin for the first time, it is delicious!
Otto-san was damaged by the sweetness of persimmon, but it was so delicious. Ori-san push!

Cauliflower and edamame curry flavor
1 Sauteed frozen edamame and cauliflower with garlic oil.
2 Add curry powder to the finish.
I forgot to put anchovies! I notice this time.

Brown rice ball onigiri
Part 1 The pickles and the “Jyako”
Part 2 Black sesame and wasabi
It seems that the flavor of wasabi flew away as time goes on.
It seems that it could have been added more violently 😀

When I thought that it was colorfully made with side dishes that can be cooked, it became an assortment of just as simple things as I usually make almost 😀
I was glad that Otto-san was pleased.
We finished the meal cleanly!


Ori like a lot of favorite things Osechi cooking

Happy new year!

It is Otto.

It’s too early to end the winter vacation soon,
From the end of the year to the beginning of the year,
I spent relaxingly with Ori,
It is ours that we celebrated the New Year ‘s holiday not drunk for years.

I do not drink alcohol so slowly it’s time to pass.
I wonder if I was doing something unfriendly so far,
I will feel it again.
It was only after I felt that it was really I ordinarily decided to quit drinking.

As a declaration of determination as a goal for this year,
· Do not drink outside the place of drinking.
· Minus 10 kg diet
– Oil painting of Ori’s stomach 🙂
Although there are still fine,
Best of all, Cotori will be born safely. That is the best.

What will I think after seeing this article after a year. I am looking forward to it.

Well, this time,
It is Ori’s special handmade osechi dish!

Osechi Heaven First Cooking Cheung Genese Ham Shrimp Spring Rolls Egg Grime Bean Cauliflower Salad Rice ball

・Vietnam roll
・Carrot salad
・Japanese omelette (Tamagoyaki)
・Bean salad
・Persimmon,avocado and tomato salad
・Cauluflower and edamame curry flavor
・Brown rice ball onigiri
・Bok-choy simmered dish
・Seaweed soup

Hmm, it is luxurious!

Actually, I could not finish eating, and ate for lunch the next day 🙂
(After this, there was Toshikoshi Udon)

Both Ori and I do not like ordinary osechi dishes very much,
What Ori thinked to make it deliciously eatable and looks luxurious,
This time is Ori-san Osechi.

The most delicious thing was Vietnam roll.
I do not like fried rolls very much,
Vietnam rolls, skin is very tasty,
It is also a dish that seems to be delicious since I met Ori.
Because Nampula releases an unusual odor,
The kitchen smells 😉
The contents are also vegetables, shrimp and healthy,
Is not it healthier than fried rolls?

There were so many things that I could not finish eating at one time,
Ori style osechi was delicious!
Even though it is good every year if it is such osechi,
Ori seems to be in trouble, so next year I will be fine at all meals everyday!
(You seem to hear a voice saying!) …

However, there are persimmons …
For details, please watch a video :)

Well then, see you!